DSC_0563My previous collection “Nordic Impressions” is a compendium of seven oil paintings (the last one will be uploaded when I get back to Japan). They are a reflection of the vast Nordic scenery throughout the seasons. Through a rush of colours triggering our senses, they are capturing the beauty of the moment in which wildlife exists in its natural habitat. The pieces are ranging from mostly naturalistic to a mix between abstract and naturalistic, creating a fairytale like touch that allows for the viewer to drift into a different reality. As well as techniques used, the palette is also varying from piece to piece, which is a reflection of the great diversity of the Nordic climate and scenery.


The “Nordic Impressions” collection quickly attracted attention here in Japan. As I wrote in a previous blog post, I was selected with only five other international artists to exhibit my pieces at big event and received a lot of complements on my paintings and my way of using colours. Some of the comments on my work was “great compositions and intriguing images”, “innovative techniques”, “creates a sense of piece and harmony”,  “you’re an artist worth keeping an eye on, I certainly will” and”your work is very captivating”. 


Finally, I have been asked to put some of these paintings up on the wall at a restaurant in Fukuoka and also been contacted by a restaurant owner in Tokyo wanting to adorn his walls at least one piece. I’m very grateful for how well this collection has been received and can’t wait to get back into it!

For prices or any other inquiries about paintings from the Nordic Impression collection, please send an email to contact@msthomassen.com.