Throughout my childhood I have spent every winter in the mountains of Telemark, Norway. The greatest mountain in this area, Gaustatoppen, with its altitude of 1883 meters, has always been very fascinating to me. The landscape surrounding it has also particularly inspired me in the development of my paintings.

A few months back I was being asked to make a couple of commission pieces of Gaustatoppen  for a Swedish collector, and I decided to create a collection of the majestic mountain in various atmospheric expressions. There is only a limited number of these oil paintings, and the collection can be viewed in full in ART under “Gaustatoppen”. I have already received a lot of requests for these pieces, two have now been sold and one has been put up on the wall at the local After Ski, “Bygget”.

If you are interested in any of the pieces, please send an email to for further information. ★