Martine Strøm Thomassen

Artist Statement

When I was hit by a car at the age of fifteen, I experienced an indescribable stillness of the moment – a fraction of a second that felt like a never ending slow motion soar with all senses amplified. Everything happening around me in that instant I could hear, see, smell, taste, feel. The experience of this deep connection, the presence in the very moment, the physical sensations of that brief flash has transformed not only my view on life, but has also greatly shaped the way I express myself as an artist. I want to share the feeling of how powerful it is to be one hundred precent in this current moment as today’s society robs this freedom off people through day-to-day duties. The ability to enjoy the present moment and allow all the senses to take it all in without any distractions is a luxury that I express through of my art. Also, I am very passionate about preserving our nature and wildlife, and invite the viewer to realise the magnificent natural beauty that surrounds us at any given time. Animals are the subjects that make up the major body of my work as I feel a deep connection with them, and see them as a symbol of freedom, purity and harmony.

Another major influence of my work is travels; I have been fortunate to travel across the world, which has added to my artistic expression. I have particularly been inspired by the dot-technique commonly used in the Australian Aboriginal art, which can be seen in some of my later work.

Moreover, it greatly inspires me to see people uplifted, happy, energised, yet tranquil when viewing my art. As my mother is an interior designer, and I have participated in several of her projects, I have learned what paintings do to a room. Through colours, geometry and composition, peoples phycology is affected and hence a painting is a powerful element in creating the right atmosphere. I paint primarily in oils, which creates a certain sensuality and glow to my work.

Every painting I create reveals itself in full clarity through my third eye before I start to painting. Most of this comes to me through visualization during physical activity, which shines through in my work by the emphasis on flow. Nothing is ever still; everything is pulsating with energy, ever changing towards a new dimension.


Born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Studied and lived in Perth, Australia for 6 years and recently lived in Fukuoka, Japan for 8 months. Frequently do business travels between Norway, Australia and Japan.